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We just don’t do social media but do storytelling. We believe that a good digital story can turn ideas into brand awareness maximizing ROI. Social media is about being social, not just marketing. Every business is different and hence needs a different social media marketing plan.

We help your business build brand awareness, generate more leads and finally the conversion. Peoples these days do more and more research about the business before buying anything from them. They check everything about the business and social media is one of them. Our creative team of social storytellers can help you build brand awareness, get more leads and convert them.


Our Social Media Strategy


The Planning

We will conduct a meeting session to understand about the nature of your business. Most importantly, we listen to you and your goal. We try to get more information on your services, your strengths and all the relevant information that are crucial to reflect on your social media. Once this is done, We will define your target audience and choose the right channel.


The content Strategy

Just having the content ready is not enough. We prepare a full content calendar for the whole month. Our content calendar includes detailed information on what content, how many posts and when to post the content, and on which social platform.


The paid Promotion Strategy

Just posting on social media is not enough. Paid promotion over various social media channel is crucial to reach the audience for maximum conversion. But selecting the wrong strategy and only sales-focused paid promotion could lead to loss of time and money.


Result analysis and reporting

Marketing is about experimenting, analyzing the result, and continuously improving it. our social media strategy works on analyzing the result, what worked on your business the best then timely reporting the growth of your audience and increasing the ROI. We promise you the measurable marketing performance report that can be easily understood by you.


Our Latest Social Media Marketing Case Studies

Learn how our team of professionals helped businesses gain more exposure and leads through our successful social media campaigns.

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118% Growth in Facebook Followers


280% Growth in Facebook Likes


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“After cycling through multiple Social Media Marketing companies and seeing no results, I finally came across Targeted Audience Marketing. Choosing to work with Kugar Digital is hands down one of the best business investment decisions I have ever made.”

Tulsi Ram Dhakal,

Ritz College of Engineering & Management

Brand Optimization

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Tik Tok




Promote Your Business With Facebook

Do you know that 10,520,000 peoples are using Facebook in Nepal in January 2020? Almost 34.3% of Nepal Populations are regular scroll Facebook daily.

Out of the percentage, there are many peoples may be interested in your products or services.

Let Kugar Digital help your business to achieve your goal by selling your products or services to your targeted customers.

Out Facebook Service Includes: 

    • Facebook Page Management
    • Facebook Group Management
    • Facebook Advertisement

Kugar Digital provides the proven techniques to reach your post or pages in front of its ideal customers.

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Grow Your Business With Instagram

The process of marketing has become more complicated and understanding what your target market wants to see on their timeline is not an easy task.

Many companies and agency services are difficult to work with and require too many resources or time to setup and manage the account.

Kugar Digital is a marketing agency in Nepal that specializes in Instagram marketing for other businesses. We provide a number of services such as social media management, advertising on Instagram, business branding, etc. With Kugar Instagram Marketing  services, you can get the latest information about your target market and provide them with content they want on their feed.

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Instagram Marketing

Get Your Business Exposure with YouTube Marketing

Online videos are a powerful marketing tool, but not everyone knows how to create and promote them.

A YouTube channel can be the perfect way to establish an expert reputation and show off your skills. It can also offer a way to stand out amongst the competition, and help you grow a successful business.

If you’re looking for a YouTube marketing agency in Nepal, we’re the solution for you. We’re Nepal’s top video marketing company, with professionals who are experts at online video production and video marketing. Get in touch with us today to start seeing results!

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YouTube Marketing in Nepal

Proven Twitter Marketing Strategy for Your Business

With so many marketing platforms to choose from, it’s hard to decide which one will work best for your company.

You want to grow a loyal following while also reaching out to as many customers and potential customers as possible. But, all these social media platforms and marketing channels have their own strategies for targeting your audience. This leaves marketing managers frustrated and with no clear direction on where to start.

We are happy to announce that we offer some of the best Twitter Marketing Agency services on the market. We specialize in Twitter marketing services in Nepal — including building a target audience pipeline, using Twitter advertising, and executing targeted campaigns — all with a clear understanding of the data-driven insights that power

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Twitter Marketing

Tik Tok Marketing to Convert Viewers into Customers

Not Teens only but every aged people are glued to their phones and on TikTok. The platform is the number one social media network for teens, while businesses spend millions of dollars struggling to reach this demographic.

Kugar Digital is a top-notch Digital Marketing company in Nepal that specializes in connecting businesses with this coveted demographic. We have the tools, expertise, and connections to engage your target market and provide you with the best ROI for your marketing dollars.

Kugar Digital Marketing Agency in Nepal offers a vast range of services — from creating content for you and managing your social media accounts to crafting videos that will win over your customers.

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Get Traffics With Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a powerful platform, and marketers in Nepal are playing catch up with other countries.

Now is the time to use Pinterest as a marketing tool for your business. You will lose customers to other markets if you don’t fight back.

Is your business too small or too big to handle all the details of Pinterest marketing? Take charge and become a Pinterest Marketing Agency in Nepal! We help you develop an efficient strategy, design attractive graphics, and create engaging copy that will generate more leads and sales for your business. Contact us today!

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Is Social Media Marketing right for small businesses in Nepal?

Social Media Marketing is one of the most evolving forms of digital marketing in Nepal. No matter the business size or the niche, SMM is always a good choice to connect with your audience, increase brand awareness, and drive more traffic. SMM is indeed the most righteous choice for small businesses in Nepal!

What are the best social media platforms to advertise my brand?

The answer is simple: It depends. You need to have a presence wherever your customers are.

Every brand is unique and deciding which platform to invest time on depends on several factors like the products and services you are offering, which social media your customers are most active on, and the targets you wish to achieve.

Talking in respect of Nepal, Facebook and Instagram are the two most used social media sites and hence these are great platforms to present your brands on.

Why should I use social media to promote my business?

The total number of social media users around the world now equates to more than 70% of the eligible global population. And let’s keep it straight: the world has gone social!

If you want your business to get a brand name and be known by your online audiences, social media is the definite way to do it! Whether you are seeking brand awareness, sponsored content, or a balanced combination of both, we’re here to handle it all for you!

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing in Nepal?

There are many benefits of using Social Media as a marketing tool, not only in Nepal but worldwide. Social Media platforms indeed help us accomplish key strategic objectives for businesses.

In addition to that, SMM helps in brand building, getting higher conversions, building a community, gaining marketplace insights, reaching business goals, and the list goes on.

Here at Kugar Digital, we help you enjoy these benefits using our proven and tested social media marketing techniques and strategies. You enjoy the benefits, let us handle the operational part!

Is paid social media advertising a good idea in Nepal?

If you have the budget, want to reach more audiences, increase your sales and achieve more conversion in a small period then paid social media advertising is definitely a good idea.

However, just running the ads does not do the work, you have to set your goals and choose your target audience before running the ad. And our work is to help you with just that!