Top 20 Nepal Business Directory Listing Sites

Are you looking for high DA-PA business directory submission sites in Nepal?

In this article, we have listed the top free good domain authority and page authority business listing sites in Nepal where you can submit your or your client company details to get backlinks.

Stick to the end of this post to know the Google indexable top business directories of Nepal.

Listing your company on the finest, most popular, and most reliable Nepali directory sites are one way to increase online visibility among the local community of your website and earn a decent Nofollow/Dofollow backlink.

Many individuals in Nepal nowadays rely on a variety of local directories to discover information about businesses. It improves the SEO of your company website site on the internet, resulting in increased traffic and business inquiries from that source.

Furthermore, according to HubSpot, almost 50% of the consumers who search for a local business on their mobile tend to visit the store within a day. Hence business listing is of utmost importance for local businesses.

What is Business Directory Listing?

Business directory listing sites are the websites that give information about a business, such as your name, address, phone number, website address, business hours, and other appropriate information.

These websites allow you to search for any type of business, shop, store, or service provider in any city, state, or country.

The majority of platforms that provide this data are free to use, but users must manually enter their data or maintain their businesses.

You only need to go to the sites and register or submit some information about your business, and then any user who visits that site and searches for service will find you.

Once your business is displayed on such sites, customers will be able to contact you quickly using the contact information you have provided.

What Effect Does It Have on Your Local Business?

Another strategy to broaden your internet reach and make it simpler for clients and prospects to find you is to list your business in local directories.

You can improve your SEO, build your authority, and demonstrate credibility in your firm by having accurate information in multiple business directories.

Although each local company directory has its own set of categories, make sure to include the following information:

  • Name of Company
  • Address
  • Phone Number (Include toll-free, extension, and fax numbers as well.)
  • Website Address
  • Photos, 
  • Testimonials, and Ratings
  • Categories

Many times, though, business owners create a profile, forget to complete it, and leave the information out in cyberspace.

As a result, before entering your business or information, check sure there are no duplicates on the internet.

Make sure that any incomplete profiles are either finished or deleted when trying to clean up these business listings.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Business Listing?

There are numerous advantages of submitting your business website on a business listing directory. The most proven of which are as listed below:

  • Increases the online visibility of your company

If you search for your business on Google, you might find it being listed on some sites that you’ve never listed on.

Many business listing sites these days tend to pull your business details from other larger directories and create an automatic listing and hence you’re more likely to be found from anywhere if you choose the appropriate directory to list your business on. 

  • Improves Domain Authority of a website

Since you’ll be getting quality backlinks from the business directories you have listed your business on hence your website’s domain authority will be improved.

  • Connects with customers easily

You and your business can easily be found by local customers if you have your listing done on some of the popular business directories.

Your products and services will therefore be more discovered.

  • Increases web traffic

If you are found by a customer via these business listing sites then those customers shall be redirected to your website since many listing sites allow you to insert your web address. This way, you can have increased web traffic by submitting your website on a business listing directory. 

  • Increase Brand Awareness

Lastly and most importantly, the business directory listing sites help your brand grow and be discovered by the customers.

Few customers might not click your listing or visit your site, but they will know your name and might consider visiting you if they’re not satisfied by the websites they landed on!  

High DA & PA FREE Nepal Business Listing Sites that Easily Indexed in Google

Now,  Let’s Explore the comprehensive list of 20 high DA and PA Nepal business directory listing sites where you can submit your business details and collect backlinks.

1 Express Business Directory 46 56 YES
2 Hamrobazar 31 44 YES
3 Explore Nepal 29 48 YES
4 Nepal Janta Review 26 37 YES
5 Startups Nepal 25 32 YES
6 Nepal Yellow Pages 23 29 YES
7 Nepal YP 22 46 YES
8 Nepal Link 22 21 YES
9 Yellow Pages Nepal 21 29 YES
10 Reveal Nepal 16 19 YES
11 Websites of Nepal 15 24 YES
12 Directory of Nepal 15 16 YES
13 Ask Baje 13 34 YES
14 YP Nepal 12 45 YES
15 Khojnu 10 25 YES
16 Mero Sewa 10 16 YES
17 Nepal Atlas 9 23 YES
18 Business List 8 27 YES
19 Callmandu 7 25 YES
20 Nepal Phonebook 6 18 YES

Now! Let’s see the top best business listing sites in Nepal one by one.

#1. Express Business Listing

With a Domain Authority of 46 and Page Authority of 56, Express Business Directory holds the top place in the directory submission site lists in Nepal.

You can submit your business for free on this site and it takes quite a while for your business to get approved after the submission.

Kugar Digital listed on Express Business Directory

#2. Hamrobazar

Hamrobazar has a Domain Authority of 31 and is the most used site in Nepal for individuals and businesses who want to sell their new/used products online. It’s one of the best promotional platforms in Nepal to sell products online.

You can submit your business for free on this site and it takes quite a while for your business to get approved after the submission.


#3. Explore Nepal

Explore Nepal is another high DA directory submission site having DA 29 that lets businesses submit their listing under various categories. However, it takes a significant amount of time to get approval from this site.

Explore Nepal| Nepal Business Directory Listing Site

#4. Nepal Janta Review

Nepal Janta Review is one of the growing directory submission sites that provides a Nofollow backlink. The best part of submitting on this site is that it provides instant approvals and indexing on Google.

Kugar Digital Listed on Nepal Jantareview business listing site


Kugar Digital Indexing on Nepal Jantareview business listing site

#5. Startups Nepal

Startups Nepal is a great platform for startup businesses in Nepal to showcase their business profiles.

Startups Nepal- Nepal Business Directory Listing Site

#6. Nepal Yellow Pages

You can either submit your free listing without logging in or registering your account or can submit it after logging in or registering. The benefit of registering is that you can, later on, edit your listing easily.

Once the listing is done, the submission goes pending to be reviewed by the team.

Nepal Yellow Pages- nepal business directory listing site

#7. Nepal YP

 Nepal YP is quite an impressive site for listing your website. It gives a No Follow backlink to your website after it has been approved.

Kugar Digital on Nepal YP

#8. Nepal Link

Nepal Link provides travel-related, business & country information of Nepal. It offers two types of website listing, regular (free) and sponsored, and accepts only reciprocal linking i.e. you need to link back to Nepal Link’s website to submit your listing. This site is dedicated to only Nepal-related web pages.

Nepal Link- nepal business directory listing site

#9. Yellow Pages Nepal

Yellow Pages Nepal is one of the most famous directory submission sites in Nepal. The submission is completely free and the listing gets approved within a week or so.

Kugar Digital on Yellow Pages Nepal Business  Directory Listing Site

#10. Reveal Nepal

Reveal Nepal is one of the fastest-growing business listing directories in Nepal that was established in 2018. It aims at providing free services to local businesses in Nepal.

Kugar Digital on Reveal Nepal

#11. Websites of Nepal

Websites of Nepal is another free business directory submission website that lets local businesses submit their businesses for free. You can also link with their site by adding their link to your website.

Once submitted, the post is added to the moderation queue for review.

Websites of Nepal

#12. Directory on Nepal

This business directory site lets businesses of different niches add their businesses and be found by visitors/customers. The submission goes under review and takes some time to be active.

Directory of Nepal

#13. Ask Baje

Ask Baje is one of the oldest directories in Nepal for local submissions.

#14. YP Nepal

YP Nepal is an online platform that provides business information about Nepalese Businesses. It allows businesses to add their website link, phone number, and address.

YP Nepal

#15. Khojnu

  1. lets businesses add their operating hours along with a business description, map, and cover image. Khojnu has a domain authority of 10 and a page authority of 25.
  2. Kugar Digital Listed on Khojnu

#16. Mero Sewa

Mero Sewa is another amazing site for promoting your business and reaching your target audience. The businesses need to first register before adding their business listing to this site.

Mero Sewa

#17. Nepal Atlas

Nepal Atlas is a growing business directory site with a DA of 9 and a PA of 23.

#18. Business List

You can list your business on Business List directly or can do it by registering an account. This site has a domain authority of 8 and a page authority of 27.

Business List

#19. Callmandu

Callmandu gives instant approval to the new listings and gives a No-follow backlink to your website.

Kugar Digital listed on Callmandu

#20. Nepal Phonebook

Nepal Phonebook offers two types of listing viz free listing and pro (paid) listing. The free listing displays contact details, images, social links, website link, and business location. On the other hand, the pro listing has more options to offer.

Nepal Phonebook


Above listed are the top business listing sites in Nepal which have good Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) and easily get indexed with fast approval.

You can increase your website’s Domain Authority and Page Authority and increase your online exposure by listing your or your client’s business website in the above directories.

Now it’s your turn. Go and create business listings for your or your client website.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the article or new Nepali directories to include, feel free to let us know through your comment.


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